Sweet Sexy Pakistani Girl -- Maha Khan

Maha Khan is 25 years old, she lives in Karachi, Pakistan. After completing her B.A she has become a house sitter for full time. Like other girls of this age, she also awaits her 'one true love' to come and take her away to the world of passionate love and all.
Maha can't appear nude on internet, she is willing to do though.

Maha loves to expose herself in swimming
costume to attract more males, but her mother
 won't allow her. Which is why she is wearing
a see-through pajamas suite over her sexy black
bra & panties. We can't call it a 'swimming costume'

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Look at her giggling face, how happy she is!
She knows that her boobs can do more than
what she can't do normally. Boys must comment
as much as possible to let her know that she is
as hot as she is trying to be.

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